Monday, March 31, 2008


LONDON (UPI) -- British clothing store Debenhams' survey of female customers has concluded the push-up bra is the greatest fashion invention of all time.

The high-end store's survey of 3,000 female customers found nearly 20 percent of participants picked the push-up bra over second-place finisher boot-cut jeans, third-place pull-in pants, fourth-place stiletto heels and numerous other clothing items and accessories, The Telegraph reported Friday.

"Push-up bras have become a wardrobe weapon for millions of women across the world," said Debenhams representative Caroline Adams. "I'm not surprised to see it in the top spot. Push-up bras have revolutionized women's lingerie and remain a best-seller in-store."

The list of top fashion breakthroughs also included the classic little black dress, hipster jeans, the miniskirt, the strapless bra, support tights and kitten heels.

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