Saturday, January 31, 2009


Well ladies, here is February 1st, 2009. One month down and eleven more to go before we say good bye to 2009.

Anyone out there feeling that they have been used or hurt by someone they trusted. Well if you are like that then sit back and read something that I discovered.
Firstly, there is no true friend in this world anymore. Everyone is out to blast someone. Everyone is out to get what they can from someone and everyone have an issue and if they are like some people I met well…… then you are in for a long haul.

I met this woman back in November of 2007 and from what I could see she seem okay. Then in September of 2008 she was back and once again she seemed fine. We became friends and would chat for long period of time. Then I had the bad luck of fining out she is just like all the other women who come around. In fact, because of her my life took a change that I am still trying to comprehend. Today I have stopped talking to her and have avoided being where she is. I need to tell someone that she is not all she pretends to be because she has told me some things that make her to be just like all the other gold diggers around who are out to find what they can get from those who feel they need to help others.

Then she went and did the unforgiveable and she knows what I am talking about. I have no intention of keeping in contact with a fake and now I feel I should tell the person she is using that she is not the woman she wants us to think she is.

What I have to say about this sort of “friendship” is WE DON’T NEED IT. And if the person really does get more from us than we get from them, then we can leave and never look back. I am giving my so called “friend” the silent treatment. I may never visit her home and I may never buy her meal again. She proved to me that she was not a friend and I am sorry but this world is filled with persons who are looking for someone to share good and bad time that we don’t have time for those who lie and cheat.

Something to ponder on:
How do we know if we have a true friend? The signs will be there. You will be able to see it in their actions more times than not. But the bottom dollar is we have to learn to read the signs. They are everywhere.

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